Tourism Studies

The Department of Tourism had its humble beginning in the year 2013. Offering Undergraduate and Post Graduate Degree programs in tourism management, tourism studies, hospitality management, or related fields. These programs may include coursework in areas such as tourism marketing, destination management, tourism planning, sustainable tourism, hospitality operations, and cultural tourism. Establishing partnerships and collaborations with tourism industry stakeholders, including government agencies, tourism organizations, hospitality businesses, tour operators, and destination management organizations. These partnerships may involve internships, fieldwork opportunities, guest lectures, and industry-sponsored projects to provide students with practical experience and industry insights. Engaging with local communities, tourism stakeholders, and non-profit organizations to address tourism-related challenges, promote sustainable tourism practices, and contribute to community development initiatives. This may involve applied research projects, community-based tourism initiatives, and outreach programs aimed at fostering positive relationships between tourists and host communities.

The Department of Tourism Studies has been instituting an exceptional valor and performance among students for the past few years. Since its inception in 2013,  the department has produced a number of successful entrepreneurs and industry experts, many of them who have imprinted their talents and training qualities in the tourism industry. The two programmes offered by the department trains and impart the foundations of Tourism, its industrial prospects and prepare the students for overcoming any given challenges in their work life. Output-based education and performance maximization is the key focus of department training and classroom activities. The courses offered by the department unfold and shapes future tourism industry professionals.

Why Choose Tourism

The tourism industry offers a wide range of career opportunities in various sectors such as hospitality, travel agencies, tour operations, event management, destination marketing organizations, airlines, cruise lines, and government tourism departments. This diversity allows individuals to pursue roles that align with their interests, skills, and career aspirations. For individuals who have a passion for travel and exploration, a career in tourism allows them to explore new destinations, experience different cultures, and embark on exciting adventures. Whether working as a tour guide, travel agent, or hospitality professional, individuals in the tourism industry often have the opportunity to travel for work and leisure.

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